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Make the Wii Remote Controller synchronized by wiiremote

A few days ago I sold a few Wii remote, and then get some feedback. Many customers have a problem: how to make the Wii Remote controller to synchronize. Now I will show you how to make it synchronised. First look at the following:

"Why is my Wii remote still not work, even if after the synchronization?
I've tried all the troubleshooting troubleshoot possible, for the synchronization of it, which work great this morning, but sudden all the beginning to the four flashing lights, respectively this evening without all the work on what I read Nintendo website, I really do not want to send to repair it in any suggestions?

What is the Wii Remote actually?
Before we further understand how to solve the synchronization problem of the game console, let us roughly know what is it. The game console to build two small pieces of silicon on silicon gossamer rest, let them in place. When you move the game console left and right, centrifuge these silicon mass measurement, registration, and converted to video game input. Able to detect motion sensing to allow user interaction and operation through sport and the main features through the use of the accelerator and optical sensor technology point it on the screen.

Basic Wii Remote Operating Guidelines.
If the preceding is a quick fix did not work to solve the problem of your Wii Remote, the exclusion list by following the Wii Remote fault running in order to ensure that you have established your system to provide the best environment in Wiifunction of remote control.
* Ensure that the Sensor Bar cord is plugged into the rear of the Wii console and that the Sensor Bar is centered above or below your television screen.
* Ensure that there are fresh batteries in the Wii Remote.
* Stay within 3 to 10 feet of the television set when using the Wii Remote Controller.
* Ensure that nothing is blocking signals between the Sensor Bar, the Wii console, and the Wii Remote.
* Check for interference from infra-red light sources, such as sunlight, candles, stoves, and fireplaces.
* Check for wireless devices in the area. Cordless phones, wireless computer keyboards or mice, or other similar devices can cause radio wave interference. Move them or turn them off.

How to Synchronize a Wii Remote?
To sync your Wii console and Wii Remote at the factory. Use the following steps to add an extra Wii remote, or re-sync the Wii with the game console. The temporary use of another console on the Wii Remote, please click here Time Mode synchronization.

Note: how to ensure that you have placed batteries in the game console.
1.Press the power button to turn its Wii game console on.
2.To make it synchronized,you should remove the battery cover and open the SD cardslot cover of the it.(The SD card slot is the door optically near the drive slot.)
3.Press and release the battery is below the sync button on the Wii Remote; Player LED will blink. Quickly press the sync button and release on the console, SD card inside.
4.When the Player LED stops blinking, the synchronization is complete. Lit LED displays the number of players (1-4).
5.Each additional Wii Remote added to the system, must follow this procedure.

If your game console is still not working properly, the best way is writing to the Wii customer service.In addition, if possible, get another and have a try.Of course, not only synchronization problem, probably also will meet other questions, such as how to operate and how to repair, we can after solve the problems together.

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