Remote Battery Wii

Remote Battery Wii

4 battery and Charger dock Station for wii remote

The Nintendo Wii is amid one of the most selected gaming products concerning the present market today. Its identification extends by method of the conventional gaming crowd to families, youthful youngsters as well as grandparents. Its ease of use is amid the principal capabilities that ensure it is so properly liked. amid the biggest drawbacks toward Wii method could possibly be the short lifespan belonging toward remote batteries. However, new advances in docking stations ensure it is uncomplicated and affordable to preserve your Wii remote charged and ready to use.The
4 battery and Charger dock Station
is designed for wii remote,This product is compatible with charging for
will controllers
, it has 4pcs demand ports, so it may demand 4pcs controllers at precisely the comparable time. also it have 4pcs fixture battery packs, so you needn't worry about the energy problem.

The main features lists is showed here:

1. It can charge 4pcs controllers at the same time.

2. Its charging with design of impulse voltage circuit.

3. It matched big capacity Ni-MH battery, simple and convenient to use.

4. Its taste, tidiness when you put.

However you must pay attention to the flowing problems:

1. Please attention input voltage in right way, dont hyper 5.6v for burnout this item.

2. Please keep product far away from water, fire for avoiding battery explode, dont it in humidity and causticity place.

3. Please use product in correct way! Don't do any destroy act on it.

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