Remote Nintendo Wii

Remote Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii Has the Ability to Compete with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Nintendo,also known as the Nintendo Wii, is the fifth home video game console which was following with Nintendo GameCube.The Code is Nintendo Revolution . This code represent that it will launch revolutions for the video games industry, such as
Wii Remote Controller
, it can detect the location of three-dimensional space, this new concept has never appeared in previous video game .

Nintendo Wii was the first public exhibited at the E 3 in 2005,and it's game controllers was released in public by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, in September 2005.Nintendo Wii will be confirmed sold in North America before Thanksgiving in 2006 , and is considering to Offer in the Global within fourteen weeks. Nintendo would be publishing more information on May 9, 2006 at the E 3exhibition,Now ,nintendo wii and cheap nintendo wii accessories is popular in many countries.

Nintendo has not been announcedmuch more information about Wii so far , so that some media think that Nintendo has no intention or preparation to compete with Microsoft's
xbox 360 video games
and Sony (SCEI) for PlayStation 3 , but Nintendo denied, and refers to this in order to protect its intellectual property rights being copied other competitors . Nintendo's previous record of many devices, such as four-way controller, analog stick, wireless controller, shoulder buttons, vibration feedback, etc., widely known as the Nintendo machine. April 28, 2006, Nintendo released a new official name of the host "Nintendo Wii".

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