Sony Playstation 2010

Sony Playstation 2010

The Rising Popularity Of 3D TV by antoniobristow

These days it seems that everyone is talking about 3D TVs. Experts believe that the push to combine 3D technology with TV viewing has mainly come from Hollywood. 3D is a huge hit at the movies and is even seen as the third great revolution in the history of film. The first being the transition of films from silent to talkies and the second, when movies went from black & white to color.

As 3D technology improved over the past decade (today, new systems are sophisticated and the glasses more comfortable) and 3D movies became a craze on the big screen, television manufacturers thought of bringing 3-D to living room. Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG have their 3D TV sets in the market. These TVs require special glasses with active shutter lenses to create the 3D effect in the images. Recently Toshiba launched Regla GL1, what it calls the world’s first 3D television that doesn’t require viewers to put special goggles to see 3D images.

With regard to 3D content on TV, the major breakthrough was the FIFA world cup where football fans got an opportunity to watch a few matches in 3D courtesy of Sony. However, it was an opportunity that was enjoyed by the US football fans. The English football fans had to remain content with 2D matches as neither the BBC or ITV had access to 3D-ready channels at that moment. In UK, Sky UK made a big push towards 3D TV channel in 2010. It is the first 3D TV channel in the UK, and broadcasts a range of programming from movies to football. It started off with the Ryder Cup, to please the disappointed English fans who could not catch up FIFA cup in 3D.

Another important factor that has played a crucial role in the rising popularity of 3D TV technology is 3D games. Video games like the Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation 3 Move offer an out and out 3D gaming experience. Unlike 3D movies which can be enjoyed in 3D cinemas, or 3D sports which can be watched in places that are equipped with 3D screens, 3D games can be watched only at home on 3D enabled HDTV monitor or projector. To experience the 3D magic, one has to pick a 3D-capable display, a pair of 3D glasses, 3D Blu-ray Disc player and Blu-ray 3D discs, gaming console and 3D games.

Antonio Bristow is an avid 3D technology fan. He writes about 3D TV, 3D games and 3D camera basically everything related to 3D revolution.

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