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Sonic Makes His Debut On A Nintendo Game Console by

The company that makes Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega Games. You would think that these games are solely created for that company's gaming consoles. But often video game companies want to expand their reach to other gamers who may not have a Sega console, so video games like Sonic are created for other gaming consoles such as Nintendo. When Sonic first arrived in the early 90's, the only place you could play it was on a Sega System but in 2007, the original Sonic has been released on Wii's Virtual Console.

You can find many games featuring Sonic the Hedgehog on Nintendo Systems. Currently there are 5 Sonic the Hedgehog games being sold on Nintendo gaming systems, Sonic the Hedgehog was released in 1991 on Sega but can now be found on the Virtual Console. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was first released in 1994 but can be found on the Virtual Console System.

Sonic Unleashed has not been released yet but will be released in December 2008 on the Wii System. Games like Sonic Rush Adventure, released in September 2007 is now on the DS System and Sonic 3D Blast was first released in 1996 but is available on the Virtual Console. The combination game featuring Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is now available on the DS and the Wii System

These are the games located on the Nintendo website. There are other Sonic Games that have stayed on Sega Systems, Sonic the Original and Sonic 3D are available on Nintendo but Sonic 2 is not. Some games may not be as popular as others and that is why some games like Sonic 2 have not been released to other gaming systems.

Companies use other gaming consoles to increase their sales and to help the other gaming systems create sales too. When Sonic first appeared on a Nintendo System, some people were afraid that Sega would not be creating their favorite game anymore. But Sega still is in charge of the Sonic Series but they want to increase the sales so they create the games on other system. The players win because they can now play their games on their systems

Can you imagine if gaming companies were stubborn and did not want other gaming systems to play their games? One of two things would happen, the first thing is that the companies would not make as much money as they would have or most kids would have more than one gaming consoles.

It is a good thing that fans of Sonic can purchase their favorite video game on other gaming consoles besides Sega. When video games from other makers appear on different systems, new fans of the game are born. People who did not have Sega Systems couldn't play Sonic for a long time but now they can and more fans of Sonic are born everyday. Look for more Sonic Games in the future on the Nintendo Gaming Systems, the DS, Wii and the Virtual Console.

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