Vs Xbox

Vs Xbox

Final Fantasy 13 - Ps3 VS Xbox 360

Have you picked up Final Fantasy XIII on either the
PS3 or Xbox 360
yet? If not, we have yet another screenshot comparison for you to take a look, which may help you decide whether to buy or not.

This one comes from German site VideoGamesZone, who have provided a useful set of shots over on their website. There are 22 of them in total, and you can view them in high resolution by clicking on them – so you can see the exact differences between the two (or lack of, depending on your opinions.)

Screenshots 8, 12 and 17 out of the collection give you a good example at some of the clear differences in textures between the two. Take a look at the one below for example and let us know your thoughts on it.

Some people think that the differences aren’t even noticeable. They would rather try to support the ps3 by talking down on the 360. Who sold the most over the past 5 years its been out? The 360… Who was preferred the most… the 360.

X-Box 360 version of Final Fantasy is 100% perfect. PS3 is ridiculously expensive and you're paying extra for what?? There's barely any difference in game graffics. X-box wins for me.

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