Wheel Nintendo Wii

Wheel Nintendo Wii

All About Wii Remote/Wii Controller by Angelina Maben

Wii remote/Wii controller is the most important Wii game accessory and available with different functionality and shapes. The Wii controller, Wii remote and Wiimote are synonymous to each other. All offer the same single handed control and are sure to make your gaming experience easy and flexible.

The Wii controller is accompanied by an Analog Devices ADXL330 accelerometer and a PixArt optical sensor. This helps the Wii remote to build a nice coordination between our hands and the screen. It is the remote which allows you to play with your online characters.

The biggest benefit of the Wiimote is you can perform all the functions from a single place. The use of Wii remote begins the moment you insert the CD into the console. A few functions you can do with the help of your Wii remote are as follows:

â€You can select the player mode single, double or multiplayer as the game offers
â€You can play, pause and stop in between of the game
â€Control the volume
â€Select and customize your special game character
â€Make your special game characters jump, run, shoot, skate, dive and do many other things

The console’s sensor bar is the lifeline for the working of the Wii remote. The Wii remote understands the light from the censor bar, audio functionality and sports-level rumble. The two AA batteries keep the Wii controller charged up for your use. It also contains a 16 KiB EEPROM chip.

It often happens that when we are watching television the remote control falls from our hand and breaks. This makes it non usable and creates an immediate need to purchase a new remote. To avoid such a situation while playing your favorite games the Wii controller comes with wrist holder. Just pull it to your wrist and your remote is safe.

To add more pleasure and ease to your game the Wii remote can have many attachments. These attachments are called attachment controllers and are marketed by Nintendo and others. Some examples of attachments to Wii remote are Classic Controller, Wii Wheel, Nunchuk and Wii Zapper.

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