Wii 91

Wii 91

What Is Nintendo Wii And Why You Must Have It by Karin Manning

Heard about Nintendo Wii? I bet all of you are familiar with it, with this video game console rising in popularity since its first inception in November 19, 2006.

The Nintendo Wii was created and developed by Nintendo Company, Limited, a multinational corporation which started in Japan as a producer of hanafuda cards and later emerged as a video game company. The Wii is known by its code name Revolution and is considered throughout the video gaming industry as the heir of Nintend'ss GameCube, which in turn is the fourth known video game console designed and developed as part of company's sixth generation era.

As a video game console, the Nintendo Wii boasts features that are to some degree common to video games. However, unlike the other games available on the market these days, the Wii has features that are much more advanced, yet user-friendly. For instance, it has a controller that appears like a typical remote control.

It has the Wii remote which can be utilized a pointing tool that can held by hand. Yes, it is easy to carry, without you needing to put much strength on your hands and fingers. You can point it to the video game monitor and expect it to perceive traces of motion and even rotation in a three dimensional way.

There is much to be said about the Nintendo Wii. For much emphasis, the Nintendo Wii significantly highlights its WiiConnect24, which is but a powerful feature that allows the player to leave and receive updates or messages through the Internet without even consuming even just a bit of electrical power. In this sense, a player of the video game can leave messages to another player even without being present.

With those powerful and promising features, the Nintendo Wii is deemed by most video gamers as the exact counterpart of Sony's PlayStation 3. It is also deemed as an ideal substitute for the Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Today, the Nintendo Wii is highly available in the market anywhere in the world. It is distributed not only in Japan, but also in other parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. According to several recent reports, the product was distributed in massive number, with the company releasing about six million of console units in about 17 million software units.

Note that these video game console units are shipped and offered at a reasonable price of about US$50, unlike the other games which costs around US$60. This price is available in almost all retail stores around the world.

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