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Wii Controller Remote

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Bedazzled and tantalized could best summarize what the gaming public felt after Nintendo presented its newest product, the Wii, in Tuesdays E3 press conference parade. Gamers were bedazzled in the wake of the demonstration of the advanced Wii remote controller system but at the same time left tantalized as Nintendo opted not to make any announcement with regards to price and availability.

Ever since Sony declared Monday evening that its own state of the art console PlayStation 3 will be marketed beginning Nov. 17 in North American soil, players everywhere have assumed that Nintendo will follow the lead with a similar declaration for Wii. As if that bit of news was not enough, Sony gave the public more than what they bargained for by adding that PlayStation 3 will be available in a 20 GB hard drive version generously priced at $ 499 and a 60 GB hard drive mode with a pricier $ 599 tag.

Although Nintendo withheld the much anticipated announcement of the release date and price of its new offering, it did treated those who attended the event to a visual spectacle as it showcased in a fine demonstration the trump card of Wii- a remote controller that allows for unprecedented freedom of movement and wider range of dexterity that promises to revolutionize gaming experience (no wonder why Wiis former name was Revolution). It is thought that games that previously were constrained by the limited technology of more conventional controllers will benefit from the new technology, including sports and fighting games.

The demonstration did capture the attention of the news-hungry buying public, something Nintendo was after all along as revealed in a statement by Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo executive vice president for sales and marketing, over CNET News.com. He further elaborated that Nintendo wanted the gaming experience behind Wii be the focal point of their presentation in the E3 press conference parade and not the news about its price and release date, divergent from what Sony did with their own next-generation console announcement Monday evening.

Fils-Aime also took the opportunity to acknowledge the ambivalent reception given to their new consoles name Wii which was finally chosen over its more familiar and catchy former name Revolution. Despite the so-so reaction to the name, Fils-Aime justified it by saying that Wii (pronounced we) best encapsulates the aim of the new system to captivate the mass-buying public and be assimilated into the collective gamers consciousness.

We want to thank everyone who wrote good things about it the day you heard about it, declared Fils-Aime. He added he extended his gratitude to all those who presented their reaction to the new name regardless the content of reaction.

Due to the fact that Wii will target hard-core gamers as well as the majority of players who settle for simple fun games, it could be inferred that the cost for the Wii will be lower than that of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Further filling up the information gaps, Nintendo mentioned that the console will be available fourth quarter of 2006.

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