Wii Factory Sealed

Wii Factory Sealed

WHATS NEW AT BIDYELL UK- Sony Playstation Move by Bidyell

As the world becomes more reliant on fast foods and food chains such as Burger King and McDonalds, there comes a need to warn people about the dangers of obesity and the advantage of taking regular exercise. Therefore it was only a matter of time before the brains at Sony released a piece of â€Kit’ that would have us jumping, running and doing the splits quicker than Mr Motivator in his prime.

The Sony Playstation Move is motion sensor system that hopes to give Nintendo and Xbox a run for its money. It contains a three part system and the sensor eye tracks the glowing orb to within millimetres which ensures real time action and no delays in gaming. The eye also doubles up as a video feed that can displayed within games.
The controller weighs 145g and sits nicely in the palm of the hand. The buttons are also easily accessible and you will also be glad to know that the Playstation move can be easily charged through a USB connection.

So for 25 Playstation Move is a must for all gamers who were impressed by the Nintendo Wii. So keeps your eyes peeled and the fingers on your keyboard, so you can bid and win on Bidyell.co.uk.

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