Wii Mario Bros

Wii Mario Bros

Nintendo DS Games †Play Hard Or Leave by Gracee Mily

The Nintendo DS portable game systems are handheld devices. It has two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics capability, touch-screen technology and wireless communication with a great library storing hundreds of games. DS system with its features gives a cutting-edge interactive experience for people of every genre. It is available in three versions, namely Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi and ,cheap Nintendo DS games, Nintendo DSi XL.

To double the action, the DS Lite system has two ultra bright LCD screens making the gameplay really exciting. The bottom screen is touch sensitive and the included stylus, an accessory along with the console, to give you all new gaming experience. At the center of the unit, a built-in microphone is located which allows your Nintendo DS Lite system to pick up spoken commands which is specially designed for certain games. It also compatible with hundreds of existing Game Boyâ".Advance games in single player mode. You can also download cheap online games from internet.

The Wi-Fi system gives it a new dimension. Using the local wireless network, you can play your friends in the same room. And if you have wireless broadband Internet access, you can connect through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to the internet and play with other users across the globe. Demo versions and cheap Nintendo DS games can be downloaded for free from DS Download Stations. There is an option of PictoChatâ" which is chatting via pictures. In this you can create drawings and text messages with stylus and send it to your friends who are within a certain range via local wireless connection. This has made chatting very creative and interesting. Draw, doodle, share ideas or do anything else you can think of on the DS touch screen.

The DSi and DSi XL, in addition to all the DS lite features, have two built-in cameras and 10 fun interactive lenses to help you capture the world around. It also has a simple-to-use Web browser, giving a seamless browsing experience. You can check your mails; get the latest news updates etc. with a wireless Internet connection is available. Many accessories are also available with this gaming console. Nintendo's Wiiâ" console brings a revolution to the motion controlled gaming. Discover exciting titles like Wii Sportsâ", Wii Fitâ" Plus, and New Super Mario Bros.â" Wii. Get a great video gaming experience. It’s available now in black or white


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