Wii Players Super

Wii Players Super

Wii: More Than Just a Game Machine by jthomson

Remember back then when the Super Mario Bros. game was making a hit on our family computer? Well, this famous, old-school game is 25 years older and is being celebrated with the release of a latest model of Nintendo's Wii. This time around, you get to play Super Mario Bros. in a high-tech kind of way apart from how we used to do it before.

Say "hello" to the Wii gaming console. Dubbed as the "little box with plenty of power," the Wii is one family-friendly gaming console you want to acquire. Since Christmas is just around the corner, a Wii is worth to be in your wish list. It is pronounced as "we" that simply pertains to everybody who can actually take part in this whole new gaming experience. They say the two "ii's" in "Wii" reminds you of two people standing side by side that represent the players that gather to play. It also represents the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

One thing that is most favoured for is that parents can take control over their kid's game preferences. Wii consoles are equipped with parental control features that prevent youngsters from playing games that pose too much violence or games that are inappropriate for their age. How is that possible? Once a player opens the Wii to play, it immediately reads its content rating. So if a game's rate is greater than its system's set age level, this game doesn't load. All unsuitable games for youngsters are locked with a password only parents know. Also, parental controls prohibit kids to freely browse the Internet. As a parent, you will feel comfortable with these amazing features not all gaming consoles possess.

It is worth noting that Wii is not all games. It serves as a new resource of knowledge with plenty of information you can grasp. Every member of the family will love it as it caters to all aspects and tastes each one needs. It comes with a handful of on-screen channels such as the Mii channel, for cute little characters a user can create; the Everybody Votes Channel for worldwide polls; the News Channel, for latest updates on the society; the Forecast Channel, for weather updates; the Wii Shop Channel, used to access classic game consoles; the Virtual Console, for virtual console game downloads; Wii Message Board, for leaving and receiving messages for other family members; the Internet Channel, for World Wide Web surfing; a Photo Channel, where you can share your digital photos on TV; a Disc Channel, that allows you to play your Wii discs with all your Nintendo GameCube; a Check Mii Out Channel, where Miis mingle and the Nintendo Channel, that gives you an interactive guide to what's new in the world of Nintendo, including trailers, mini-documentaries, product demonstrations, game play videos and much more.

Buying your own Wii makes you a sure winner! This will surely convert from a non-gamer to pro-gamer. You will love the Wii as it guarantees to impress almost everybody who has purchased it.

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