Wii Remote Battery

Wii Remote Battery

Features of AAA Battery by bettievargason

A battery consists of one or more voltaic cells. It works on the phenomenon of the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy via chemical reactions that performs the transfer of charges between the electrode and the electrolyte in the battery. This chemical reaction makes the current flow through the battery cells.

The AAA battery is a small dry cell-type battery capable of storing chemical energy. It has been traced between 640 BC and 250 BC. The voltaic cells used in these batteries have 1.5 volts. The cells containing lithium gives 3 volts and the single cell rechargeable alkaline AAA batteries give around 1.2 volts.

The AAA battery is mainly used in portable electronic devices. It is classified as 24A (ANSI/NEDA), LR03, AM4, UM4, HP16, R03, RX03 or micro. The AAA battery is referred to as a cell because it is composed of a single chamber. This battery is measured 44.5 mm in length and 10.5 mm in diameter. The alkaline AAA batteries are about 11.5 grams each whereas, lithium AAAs weighs approximately 7.6 grams. The weight of rechargeable batteries of this type made up of NiMH is 14-15 grams. The capacity and nominal voltage of alkaline batteries of this type are about 900 to 1,155 mAh and 1.5 volts respectively. The nominal voltage of NiMH or NiCd batteries of the same type is around 1.2 volts.

The AAA batteries are mainly used in small electronic devices like TV remote controls, digital cameras and MP3 players. Nowadays, new models of keyboards, computer mouse have been developed which accepts this type of batteries.

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