Wii Steering

Wii Steering

Nintendo Wii And Accessories by greg long

As technology is getting better by the day gaming freaks are expecting more. Nintendo Wii has by far lived up to the expectations of the public. To enhance your gaming experience Nintendo also manufactures many handy accessories that prove to be helpful during the game. These accessories are only compatible with Nintendo Wii.

A Nintendo Wii generally comes with one controller (also called the Wiimote) and a nunchuk. The nunchuk is a special control which has functionalities similar to that of a Gamepad and compliments the Wiimote at the same time. However, if you want to play against your friends on the same console you will have to have at least two controllers. A Nintendo Wii supports four controllers at a time. These controllers can be easily bought online or from any other major electronic showroom.

A few important accessories that you might find very interesting are

The Wii Zapper- This item connects the nunchuk to the Wii remote to the nunchuk. This helps you to fight your opponents with the nun chuck and at the same time maneuver your character with the remote. After the two controllers are merged, it creates an amazing gaming experience.

Wii Speak- This allows you to chat with four persons at Real time. You can exchange your friend code with another person and your Wii will enact your conversation on the screen. It comes with an USB connecter. All you need to do is connect in to the console and enjoy unlimited conversations at no extra costs.

Wii Wheel- You can purchase two kinds of wheels. In one you can fit the Wii remote. This gives you the feeling of a real steering wheel and helps you swerve better along the racing tracks or whatever you are playing. You can also buy a wheel that comes with built in controls. You do not need to fit the remote in this one because it has its own buttons. These accessories take the gaming comfort to a different level.

Wii Motion Plus- Wii motion plus is helpful for the specially designed games that need a lot of precision and accuracy. Its motion sensory functions are greater than that of a normal remote. It is worth the money as its accuracy will stun you and will prove to be extremely helpful for such games.

All these slick and smooth accessories are sure to take you to a completely new level of gaming.

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