Wii System Bundle

Wii System Bundle

Fitness and gaming industry in a huddle by James Cook...

Generally a video game is considered to be popular among youths and that has traditionally been the main target of gaming companies. A new thing which has come in from the Wii makers Nintendo has been the Wii fit which has been targeted at all generations. This aims to provide gaming as well as physical fitness. It is these combined aspects which are helping push the popularity of this product as well as make sure that Nintendo gets a double or triple the audience which was originally thought.

Wii has all sorts of physically interactive games which it has been trying to create and a generation ranging form three years olds to eight year olds have been busy lapping up its models. With the balance board it has now tried to combine exercise and gaming together to capture both the industries of games and fitness.

The Wii Fit and the Balance Board have about 40 activities including yoga, aerobics, strength and balance training.

The good part is that you are not alone and it has an interactive character called Mii which keep telling you to lose more weight and also helps you reach your goal.

Then there is a trainer which helps you get the exercises done correctly. For those who have never gone inside a gym this will be very helpful especially with the strength training and yoga modules.

The old age homes all across the country want their inhabitants to embrace this as they can then get exercise as well as fitness. This people are calling as Wiihabilitation .

It is this aspect of the gaming system that has propelled it into the cult status and has left its competitors far behind. In fact nobody thought that a simple blue tooth technology could result in such a gaming invention that entire nations are jostling to get their hands on the product.

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