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Wii System Games

Create A Mii On Your Nintendo Wii by Adrian Fletcher

The latest generation of game consoles are a marked departure from previous generations. The major distinction is that they are more than just a machine to play games but are a multi media device. To this extent the Nintendo wii is right up there.

You can watch movies on it, browse the internet, download games, upload photos and even communicate with your buddies. Of course this presupposes that the machine is connected to the internet but nevertheless, your humble games console can connect you to the rest of the world and allow you to have sophisticated communications with them. Oh and you can play a few games too.

One feature that is completely unique to the Nintendo wii is the mii channel. This article will go into details about what the mii channel is and the fun of creating miis.

When your wii starts up, you are presented with a bank of small TV screens on your TV. These are known as the channels and they are effectively the main menu of the system. You can go to various functions of the console by selecting on or other of the channels. In the case of creating a mii, you select the mii channel.

If you are wondering what the mii channel is all about then think about it as your representation on the wii machine and in the wider wii community. It a representation of you or rather it is where you create a representation of you.

So you make a character in wii space that reflects your personality. If you want to play with a straight bat, this mii can look like you in reality or you can get creative and make a fantasy version that includes outlandish facial hair, facial ticks and bling wear. Your only limit is your imagination. You can create more than one mii if you like or want to experiment.

So how do you create a mii ? Well, you wander down to the mii plaza. This is where the mii hang out, waiting to be picked up for the next baseball game. There is a button on the left of the screen that lets you create a mii. From this point you can get creative.

You build your new mii character, like it is some kind of bionic man (or woman). You specify all pertinent details like the name and sex. You can enter the height and weight of the character. You can then go onto to creating the face, that is the most obvious part of an mii in game play.

This is a good deal of fun. You create your ideal character as an image of your real self or as a fantasy. So you can have the goatee beard and the massive afro hairdo. You can give yourself funky jewelry and other accessories.

Once you have a few mini miis to play boxing or tennis or another game, it can really bring the games to life. You can identify with your character and enjoy the game play more.

You mii can mingle too. What this means is that you can send you mii off in the Nintendo wii community. It will pop up on other people game console and play then at tennis or boxing or such like. This can also add another element to the game play. You can also meet new miis and get ideas for creating your own mii characters.

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