Wii Video Game

Wii Video Game

The Best in Used Video Game Accessories for all your needs! by Mark Etinger

When it comes to a video game console, I like to think of it as one big personal computer package. After all, that's pretty much what a console is. It has a CPU and memory and ram drives, etc. You simply cannot have a personal computer without a monitor, without the right wiring and software. You certainly can't have a personal computer without all the extra accessories either, I mean, ever tried to use a PC without a keyboard and a mouse. The same goes with a gaming console. You can have JUST the console, but it won't get you anywhere unless you have a TV, wires to hook up for the connection and most importantly a controller of some sort.

But what other options are available to you in terms of video game accessories? One of the options I really like for video game accessories and used video games like Need For Speed and Gran Turismo are these steering wheel and pedal packs. It seems like it makes the game even more realistic - and some of these packages are really quite extraordinary. Some of them are wireless, while others will be wired depending on what kind you want.

Pedals, man, takes me back to golden days, the arcade driving games remember? They just give you a more realistic feel and well, they are just MORE fun! As far as video game controllers go, usually I'll have the one controller that came with the game and then I'll buy a used one. If you take a look at a new Xbox 360 controller (which is nice, don't get me wrong) it's going to be 3 times the amount of used video games accessories. You can also check out brand names such as Logitech or MadCatz.

These two brand names come through in waves with a lot of accessories because they are considered the best, but they are also compatible with a lot, if not ALL of the consoles out there. Plus, some of them might come with "skins" of various colors or patterns. You can find Halo controllers, Super Mario controllers, etc. Can't exactly do this with an original controller, now can you! Some of you are picky and won't buy anything other than something from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc. But, I gotta say it - you're being cheated out of your god given right to save some money!

You already bought a $300 console, why would you waste more money when you could get the same controller, just used, or new but under a different brand name?!? Other gaming accessories include options like memory cards, extra drive space, dance mats (Wii), LAN Adapters, and even things like head sets which are a great option if you are playing something like Tom Clancy or RPG games because, then you can talk to your players through the mouth piece and give orders or take orders. This just makes it more realistic. It's more or less needed or unneeded it's just an extra fun option not play with your used video games!

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