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There has been a new revolution in video games. We have come a long way since the game "pong", for those of you that remember. It seems like every year a new system is introduced. But nothing has compared to the arrival of the Nintendo Wii system. It is an all together unique system. Nintendo Wii features are available no where else. No other system can compare.

One of the most notable of the Nintendo Wii features is that of the wireless remotes. You are actively involved in the game. No more couch potatoes sitting around playing video games. With the Nintendo Wii you are up and about playing the game. You are a part of the game. You move and motion like you are actually playing. It is a full body work out, not just your fingers. The game has the ability to sense your movement using infrared and motion senors. The remote connects to the game system using blue tooth technology. At first there were some complaints of the remote coming loose from the player's hand and possibly causing damage to T.V.'s, but this truly wasn't a problem. The remotes come with straps that easily and comfortably keep the remote strapped to the players hand.

Another of the Nintendo Wii features is the ability to have 24 hour Internet connection, in which the system can receive updates. Another player also has the ability to connect with your system, even while you are away, and the system is in stand by. You can leave messages through this feature.

Nintendo Wii features the addition of a SD slot which allows players to download their own music, using Mp3 and AAC technology. You can essentially create your own background music for the games. Mp3 technology allows players to use the Photo Channel features, in which they can view a slide show of pictures or videos.

Unique to Nintendo Wii is added remotes, such as the Nunchuk. Also available are accessories for Winter Sports games and Wii Fitness. There is so much you can do with Nintendo Wii features. It is not just your ordinary game anymore. You are actually involved with playing. More and more families are realizing the benefits of owning a system like the Nintendo Wii. It is one of America's top selling video consoles ever. Don't be the only family on the block without one. Go out and get yourself a Nintendo Wii and have some fun.

What separates the wii from other game consoles

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