Xbox 2012

Xbox 2012

PS4 Gaming by Jason Tyler

PS4 gaming is a little way off just yet. Currently there is no official news on the PS4 from Sony and no details have been released regarding its specifications or features. Thus we don't officially know anything about the console and can instead only speculate as to when it will be released, how it will be priced and how it will be superior to other consoles. However in some ways we do have some information that we can use to speculate as to specifically what the PS4 will be like, and this can be an entertaining look at what will no doubt be a console with a huge share of the market.

The first thing that it's fair to assume is that it won't be long before announcements are made about the PS4. Regardless as to what Sony's official stance on their situation is, we can state with certainty that design and development has already begun on the console †and in fact it's possibly quite likely that the company already have plans for subsequent consoles too. It was recently predicted by John Carmack (developer of Doom and Quake) that the Playstation 4 would be the first 8th generation console to hit the market as Sony were currently faring less well than in previous years and so would be more likely to want to hedge their bets and attempt to return to the market dominance they enjoyed with the PS1.

However this prediction proved to be incorrect and actually Nintendo have been the first to make a move and to announce details about their new console. Currently code named 'Project Cafe', very little is known about the console, except for the fact that it will feature controllers with built in screens that show additional information in a manner similar to their Nintendo DS. Interestingly it seems to have stepped away from the previous control method that proved so successful for the Wii. As such it is likely that the PS4 will be released around late 2012/early 2013 which also would give the current PS3 a six year life span †which follows the pattern of previous Sony consoles (both the PS1 and PS2 were around for 6 years before their successors were released).

When it is released the PS4 will likely represent a huge step up in power. Sony are targeting the market known as the 'core gamers' with their current consoles and they are likely to continue to do so in the next generation. This means we can expect a powerful and expensive piece of equipment capable of great graphical prowess †probably several times more powerful than that of the PS3. This will result in far more polygons and physics being used in games and in far more special effects and expansive free-roaming areas. This will create a far more photo-realistic and immersive experience and allow for many more gameplay dynamics.

One thing that is expected of the PS4 is that games will be entirely downloadable. This was the strategy Sony used for their recent PS Go, and it also mimics the success of the Playstation Network, Xbox Live and iTunes store †all of which are already selling downloadable games with great success.

There is a real buzz being created about the expected ps4 gaming console soon to arrive. Big sales are expected from the release of the sony play station 4.

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