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Great Gamers Make The Guinness Book

The Guinness World Records 2011 Gamers' version was released this week (January 20th) and the records contained within confirm that games are not just popular with adolescents, though this demographic does hold their fair share of records too!

Amongst the record holders is 85 year old pensioner John Bates hailing from Onalaska, Wisconsin. Before 2009, Bates had never even touched a video games console and then he got himself a Nintendo Wii. Of all of his Wii games, the O.A.P got obsessed with one in particular; the bowling mode on Wii Sports. Bates now holds the record for achieving the most perfect games, a staggering 2,850 in total. He compared the feat to playing any sport citing the secret as "staying focused, yet remaining relaxed."

Nine year old Ryota Wade of Tokyo is "so happy to get the record" for being the youngest person to secure a perfect triple A (AAA) score on every single level of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Seemingly she's got her Playstation move down to perfection!

Meanwhile, Annie Leung of San Francisco, California strummed her plastic guitar ferociously to secure herself the highest GH3 score to be achieved by a female, with a score totalling 789,349 points.

I would suggest that video gaming is touching an increasing number of people because of the rising number of casual games and consoles available on the market, particularly the "family friendly" motion gaming provided by the likes of not only Nintendo's Wii console but also attachments Playstation's Move and Xbox 360's Kinect also.

It's not easy to imagine that John Bates the coffin dodger would have still managed to achieve himself a gaming world record on games such as Left 4 Deador Call of Duty: Black Ops!

The records also mentions 25 year old Mitsugu Kikai from Japan, who is the proud owner the biggest collection of Super Mario memorabilia 5,400 things altogether!


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