Xbox 360 2012

Xbox 360 2012

Play Station 4 Release: Truth or Lie? by Jason Tyler

A great number of avid gamers have been very in to or hooked to playing with a play station 3 (PS3) and other playing gadgets available. As of 2010, a lot of rumors have been circulating all over the globe of a possible release of the play station 4 in 2012. Although this is still one of the many rumors to date, gaming fans have already been excited, eyeing and awaiting of the possible release date. But just how much of a truth or lie does this rumor hold?

Many a gamers' tormenting question to the manufacturers is, "When will play station 4 (PS4) be released or have plans been established and even developments being in progress?" According to PlayStation World magazine, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is still working on a successor for PS3. While plans have already been delivered and sent to their Japanese manufacturers, Jack Tretton of SCE America stated that the release will not happen sooner than hoped for. He added that the fame of PS3 has not yet been fully disclosed; and until there can still be positive responses gained from the play station 3 console and users, we will continue to make the most out of its popularity and not yet release the newer version. Gaming fanatics should not fret, however, since Sony Computer Entertainment have received your wishes and are working on plans for a future release of the rumored play station 4 gaming console.

Sony has also recognized that while Microsoft, their perhaps top competitor in the gaming industry, has launched their Xbox 360 on sale for a relatively cheaper price, this has made the latter take a bigger chunk in the gaming market. And now Sony wants to own the much bigger piece for the next generation of gaming paraphernalia. They said that play station 4 will be twice as better and powerful than play station 3, and will be the same in size as the Nintendo Wii gadget. In addition to that, President Kaz Hirai of SCE added that the console will not renounce virtually any optical discs in the future albeit the fact that games can now be downloaded over the internet.

Most of us, if not all, know that the very first play station console was released in the market last 1994, then followed by the play station 2 in 2000, and six years later came the play station 3. But PS3 has not really received much love from the public because it was co-released during the time of the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Developers, on the other hand, are starting to work on better games with more realistic graphics that will run in HDTV format. Four years after the launch of PS3, gamers from all around the world have already been assuming that the newer generation of play station †the PS4 †will make its debut in 2012. And according to Yahoo! News, this hypothesis is of solid basis since when you look at the pattern of the release year difference of the play station family, each newer version debuts 6 years after the previous one. So a release in 2012 will not be very unlikely.

There is a lot of speculation about the upcoming release of the sony ps4. But the only ones who really know when it will come out are the actual developers of the playstation 4 themselves.

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