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Where to find the Intel Pieces in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare by xboxcheatcodes

Being an expert video game cheater I hate to say that you don’t really need to have cheat codes for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

CoD 4 isn't that hard of a game. Gameplay is pretty straight forward, so long as you can point a gun and pull a trigger you will be just fine. That being said, there are still cheat codes that are available once you have played through the game on any difficulty setting. You also need to acquire thirty Intel Pieces lying around throughout the game. Luckily, you don’t have to collect all of them in order to reap the benefits of the cheats, but the more of them you collect, the more cheats you can access.

Below are the number of Intel Pieces collected, and the cheats that are unlocked, with an explanation of what each does.
â€2 - "Call of Duty Noir" Play the game in black and white.
â€4 - "Photo-Negative" Game colors become inverted.
â€6 - "Super Contrast" Game's contrast increases.
â€8 - "Ragtime Warfare" The game feels like an old silent movie.
â€10 - "Cluster Bombs" One frag grenade thrown equals five in explosion.
â€15 - "A Bad Year" Enemies explode into tires when shot.
â€20 - "Slow-Mo Ability" Game plays at 40% normal speed.
â€30 - "Infinite Ammo" Pretty straight forward.
Below is a list of pieces of Intel that are in each level. These are laptops in all of the levels but the first level throughout the game. There are a total of thirty.
â€Level 2 - 2
â€Level 4 - 2
â€Level 5 - 3
â€Level 6 - 2
â€Level 7 - 2
â€Level 9 - 3
â€Level 10 - 2
â€Level 12 - 2
â€Level 13 - 3
â€Level 14 - 2
â€Level 16 - 2
â€Level 17 - 1
â€Level 18 - 2
â€Level 19 - 2
You can breeze through the game in less than a day on the easiest setting. You can even take a few breaks for the bathroom, lunch, dinner, a cocktail, and a little bit of writing. There is nothing more than get from point A to point B, so you can complete objective X and kill anyone in the way that isn’t in your squad.

In addition to finishing the game, there is an additional New Mission.

Beat the game and view the ending credits. After, you will then be given the opportunity to play one last single player mission before all is said and done.
There is actually a multiplayer aspect to this game too which is totally different than most first person shooters, but we will have to cover that in a different article. Be sure to find these and other cheat codes, like how to get the arcade mode at: xboxcheatcodes. offering cheats and cheat codes, free hints, with exclusive video game previews and daily news for all X Box, Xbox 360 games

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