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xbox 360 Arcade gets handed a much needed upgrade

Microsoft have confirmed that the xbox 360 will get an internal memory upgrade to 256MB in order to run the new xbox live experience. Anyone who currently owns the new xbox 360 Arcade console will know that it requires 256MB of memory in order to run, if you don't have the right amount of internal memory you will not be able to run it.

Fortunately, the new upgrade costs nothing except for the fact that you have to buy a new console. If you dont want to spend the money on a new console you can always purchase an external memory unit in order to run the xbox live feature. Microsoft were at least good enough to confirm the rumour on several computer game website, "We are constantly upgrading the consoles more that 1700 internal components. We can confirm that we re moving to internal memory for the xbox 360 arcade next. The physical internal memory is the same size as the previous external memory units - 256MB".

Obviously this does affect the flexibility of the platform as it will take more and more power to use the xbox live feature. Demos and saved games are not even transferrable on the xbox 360. However it is more of a solid solution from the xbox team to solve the recurrent issue of the arcade model of the xbox simply not being powerful enough to drive several games. It is so frustrating when a game skips and frame rates are really slow. This is only down to the fact that the xbox is not powerful enough to run it.

This is not the first problem that has happened with the xbox 360. Only last week I received the infamous 'red lights of death' on the front of my xbox 360 which spelled the end for that machine. The hardware is completely gone once you see those red lights and I had to return it to the shop.

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