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Repair Xbox 360 - 30 Minute Solution by Roy Gumble

According to the results of recent market research, approximately 30% of consumers who have purchased Xbox 360 in the past, experience what's known as "red light errors", so if you experience this problem, you're from being alone. While the phenomenon is entirely the result of a manufacturing error, there are ways to repair Xbox 360 and that's what we're going to be looking at in this article.

What kind of Xbox error are you experiencing?

The various types of Xbox Errors can be identified based on the number of red light that appears on your console.

? 1 red light: Means that your Xbox is experiencing general hardware failure.

? 2 lights: - System is overheating and should be shut down immediately in order to prevent permanent damage to internal components.

? Three lights ? Red Ring of Death. See short discussion below.

? 4 red lights: means that the AV cable in your Xbox has become lose. Verify to see if the connection is secure and if necessary replace the cable.

What are the most likely causes of a 1 light or three light errors?

While it may certainly not always be causing these errors, a loose GPU tends to be the most common cause. The second most common cause is overheating, stemming from the motherboard inside your console. Of course overheating can be due to failure of an internal fan or heat sink, all of which are vital in keeping the console within an acceptable temperature range.

Repairing Xbox red light errors

The chances are you're keen to know how to repair Xbox 360, now that we've discussed the various error states. When you bought your console, it would have come with a 90 day warranty so if this has not yet expired, then return the console to Microsoft.

When one considers that by returning your console, you'll be left without your Xbox for six weeks or more, it's hardly surprising that most owners don't favour that option. Secondly, returning it could cost you anywhere in the region of $130 or more for repairs and that's before shipping costs.

If you simply can't wait for repairs to be carried out, you could of course attempt to repair Xbox 360 yourself but be warned, this approach should only be taken by those who are familiar with electronics and remember, handle everything with extreme care because the internal parts of consoles are notoriously fragile.

If you're weighing up the odds to repair Xbox 360, your chances of success are certainly better now than they would a while back thanks to some fantastic guides which have appeared online recently. These guides which contain first class instructional videos can be downloaded to your computer for about $25 and according to reports, adhering to the guides will enable any Xbox error to be repaired within 30 minutes. In my opinion, they must be particularly good because they even come with a full moneyback guarantee.

Learning how to repair xbox 360 with an xbox repair guide will save you a lot of time and money. Click Here to find an easy to use and inexpensive repair guide that will show you step by step how to fix any xbox problems in less than 30 minutes.

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