Xbox Console Warranty

Xbox Console Warranty

The Most Common Cause For Problems In Xbox 360 by Drew Samson

One of the greatest gaming gears in the world is undoubtedly the Xbox 360. The quality of its graphics and the complex nature of the game show us how much computing power is housed within this small console. It is much more powerful than what an average personal computer was ten years ago. But all this power that the console possesses does have a side effect and it can prove quite harmful to the device.

The side effect is the heat that is produced from the console, a very enemy of the console itself. We can't be sure whether it is a design error or the problem of placement of machine when it is being used. These consoles have a lot of problem dispelling the heat that is built in within the console that usually has quite a harmful effect on the hardware. This condition usually ends up in the dangerous 'Red Ring of Death' and sometimes it even happens even if you play games on the console even for a short period of time.

The lights are usually green but when it turned on to red you can say that the 'Red Ring of Death' has happened. The lights glowing tell you the ambiguity of the problem and its probable causes. It doesn't cause and damage when all four lights display red, this indicates that the AV cables is either disconnected or loose. This problem can be solved by switching off the console power and then connect to the AV cable again

When the 1 or 3 red lights glowing then you may not find the solution that the device may mot get to the normal position. This is the indication that the failure of hardware, it happens regularly due to the excess of heat that the produced inside the device and it may harm the internal components of the device. In some cases by switching off the device completely and letting it to cool in the open place for a period of time you may find the solution of getting the device act again. This will be the rare case and the device must send to the Microsoft for the inspection and for repair.

When the warranty period of the device completed or the original warranty is only for the first three months then don't get worried. You could very well repair the console by yourself; all you need is the right information and advices. You need not spend a lot of money sending the device for repairs and then wait for weeks and at times even months. This may not resolve the problem of the device 100% by sending the device for repair.

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