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Xbox 360 Overheating Problems - How Can I Fix My Xbox 360?


xbox 360 overheating repair In this article you are going to learn about the Xbox 360 overheat problem, which affects most 360 consoles at some stage or another. What you may not be aware of is the fact that overheating of your Xbox 360 can lead to terrible system errors such as the red ring of death, crashing, freezing, as well as general system failure. Keep reading to learn what causes your Xbox 360 to get so hot, as well as what you can to to stop it from getting damaged by this heat.

Compared with the old Xbox console, the new Xbox 360 is a much slimmer, lighter affair. However, this means that space inside the console and around the components is severely limited, preventing circulation of air. As you use your console, heat builds up inside this cramped environment and cannot escape, eventually leading to the Xbox 360 overheat error. This problem is not made better by the fact that the Xbox 360 was never designed with a particularly powerful cooling system- there aren't enough fans and heat sinks to prevent temperature levels from skyrocketing.

So what can you do to help prevent Xbox 360 overheating?

Firstly, you should not have your Xbox 360 in a position where it lays flat (ie horizontal with the base plate touching the ground) Instead, go to your local video games store, or search on eBay, for a vertical Xbox 360 stand. By using one of these, your console will have the maximum amount of surface area exposed to air flows, meaning that heat can be released more quickly.

Secondly, you should always turn off your Xbox 360 after a couple of hours gaming. Save your game, then turn your console off and wait at least 30 minutes before turning it back on again. This will help to prevent heat from building up inside your console's case, which could lead to the overheat error on your Xbox 360. xbox 360 not reading dvd games

Finally, you need to open up your console and clean out dust particles which could clog up fans and heat sinks, as well as check for damage caused by overheating. In many cases, gamers find that their consoles need to have repairs carried out for common errors such as the red ring of death, when they open up the case.

The best way to learn how to correctly maintain and repair your Xbox 360 to keep it running at its peak is to use a repair guide. One of these will contain step-by-step videos, showing you how to open up your Xbox 360, clean it out, repair any damage, and then put it all back together. It is definitely worth the investment, as nothing sucks more for a gamer than a broken Xbox 360 that can't easily be fixed. my xbox 360 is not working





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