Xbox Game Brand

Xbox Game Brand

As 2010 draws towards close, HULIQ looks toward gaming in 2011 within the Xbox 360 console. by xiaoyumei

Microsoft has already established quite a strong year 2010 with hardware and software. System exclusives like Halo: Reach and Fable 3 sold well and xbox 360 controller SKU's of multi-platform titles have consistently outsold their PS3 equivalents. More to the point, Microsoft has seen very secure consumer respond to the heavily revised 'S' variant with the console also to their revolutionary Kinect hands-free controller.

Relating to 2011, however, Microsoft has yet to announce similar volume of system exclusives we saw in HULIQ's analysis of the Ps3 in 2011. Thus, in looking towards 2011, two of the finest reasons to buy an Xbox rest previously.

Kinect supplies the most unique model of gaming on the market today

It's not secret that Microsoft is aiming to capture the exact same 'casual' gaming audience that Nintendo has together with the buy wii controller, countless launch games for ones Kinect use a definite casual style in their eyes. Kinect Sports, and others, is actually a mini-game collection best enjoyed with another friend. There's lots of fitness games, some of the most critically acclaimed being Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. In comparison with the default video gaming experience, there is always little when it comes to storytelling being carried out here, but Kinect is actually a innovative platform with brand-new challenges for developers.

Perhaps no current title handles those challenges compatible with Dance Central. A dancing game is a logical match a full-body motion-tracking experience, this title handles the feeling quite nicely. Although it took quite some time to search for retail acceptance, HULIQ's tracking data points too early 2011 is a good sales period for Harmonix's dancing title. By all accounts, if you're wondering the Kinect experience, Dance Central is regarded as compelling piece of software for doing this thus far.

I realize that is the touchy topic for fans of the other system, but in my experience is it doesn't truth. The comments what are the for people who need to disagree, as expected, so please utilize them to prove me wrong.

As with the ps3 controller, proven two different versions of this Xbox, though older (and typically unreliable) versions for the system are easy to find. The beds base console just has 4GB of onboard storage. Its retail tariff of $199 is tempting to many consumers, today some Xbox 360 system games achieve a sizable performance boost by installing data onto the console's hardrive (something obviously impossible while using the base console). Resulting from this, HULIQ strongly recommends with 250GB version in the console, which retails for $299, a similar price given that the 160GB Playstation 3. Unlike the PS3, however, Microsoft uses proprietary hard disks, with zero upgrade beyond 250GB is currently made available from the agency.

Both versions from the console are offered while using the Kinect sensor bundled in. While Kinect normally retails for $149, the Kinect/console bundles only add $100 in to the price. Thus, the 4GB console bundled with all the Kinect retails for $299, and the 250GB with Kinect for $399.

Current Xbox 360 console owners with original version on the console can want to consider upgrading. For one comparison of these two systems, investigate HULIQ's article about why it can be worth upgrading towards the Xbox 'S'.

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