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Xbox Games

An Easy Way To Copy XBOX Games! by Grant Dougan..

Going by the number of questions we?ve seen coming in from our readers, there is a lot of interest in copying Xbox games. We all make copies of music CDs all the time ? but is it possible to copy Xbox game discs the same way? If this can be done, how do you go about it?

We?re going to tell you how to do this easily so that you can start copying Xbox games. There is one thing that we need to tell you beforehand though.

We do not, repeat, do not encourage anyone to nor do we endorse the illegal copying of Xbox games which you do not already own. The information we?re going to give you is meant to help you make backup copies of your own games. This is legal and is in fact a very good idea, since it will make sure that you still have a copy of your games in case a disc gets damaged.

So without further ado, let?s go into how to backup your Xbox games. It?s not complicated, so you ca put your notebook away ? it?s very simple to start copying Xbox games.

You might wonder why it is that you can?t use your CD burning and copying program to make backup copies of your Xbox games.

There?s a simple answer to this ? your CD copying program doesn?t have the technology needed for copying Xbox games.

Modern video game discs (including Xbox games) are copy protected; so unless you have the right program installed, your computer will be unable to read the disc. If you can?t read the data on the disc, you aren?t going to be able to make a copy of it.

Thankfully, software has been developed to get around this encryption and make copies of video game discs. Once you?ve installed the software, you?ll be able to read those discs ? so you can start copying Xbox games.

After you have this software downloaded and installed on your computer, making copies is child?s play. All you have to do is to place the game disc in your CD drive, let your computer read the disc and make a disc image on your hard drive. Then you simply put in a blank DVD-R and your computer will burn the game to your disc.

Sound simple? It is! It?s so easy that anyone can do it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn?t pay too much money for this software. There are companies which will charge more than $100! You can get the best software for copying games around for no more than about $40. You can pay more, but you won?t get better software for your expense.

This is an easy way to start copying Xbox games on your computer. It?s easy and you can make backup copies of all your games.

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