Xbox Latest Console

Xbox Latest Console

A Review Of Xbox Live Application For The Excellent iPhone 4S

Thousands of Xbox 360 users were recently treated to a free dashboard update that featured a number of new features. Voice commands have been improved whilst the platform now boasts a number of new TV based services. Another reason behind the update is to enable easy synchronisation between Microsoft devices such as Windows phones and Windows desktops. Microsoft have however launched a great application for the iPhone 4S to give users a similar experience on their Apple phone.

The Xbox Live application is available from the iTunes App Store and when you launch the software for the same time the application looks identical to the version found on Microsoft's own platforms. There are three main pages featured on this application and you can scroll between them by simply swiping your finger across the display. The first screen that you are faced with is the Home page. On this screen there is a number of hubs that are arranged vertically. Some of these hubs are video files that show demonstrations of latest games and features whilst others are articles about various aspects of the Xbox platform. The video files are particularly impressive and make full use of the high quality Retina display that the phone uses.

The second area of this application is the Social page and this is the one that Xbox users will find themselves viewing most regularly. Visually the page is by far the most impressive with your animated Xbox avatar dominating the 3.5 inch display that the
iPhone 4S
uses. Above this character you will find your gamer tag along with the current points total you have achieved on the console. There are three tabs located at the right hand side of the screen that give you access to details about friends within your Xbox community. The first of these is simply named Friends and gives you a list of all of your associates together with a host of information on progress they made on various titles. The second Messages tab is quite self explanatory and enables you to read any messages that you have received. The final tab on this page is called Beacons and lets you tell your friends when you want to play a certain game and your phone will notify you if somebody else wants to do the same thing. The last area of the Xbox Live application is named Games and it lists all of the games that you have ever played on your console together with the scores you have accumulated on each individual title.

The Xbox application for the iPhone 4S is both simple to use and visually appealing. The application lets you keep up to date with everything related to your Xbox console from achievements to the latest releases. Android users will be eager to see if Microsoft launches a similar app for use on their devices in the near future.

The iPhone 4S and the
HTC Sensation XE
are available now

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