Xbox Model Gb

Xbox Model Gb

Xbox 360- Choice of Many Gamers by John Scoot

Video games are loved by individuals of all age range, be it a small child or be it an adult, everybody is hooked to video games these days. Once an individual starts playing these games, it is hard to get distracted from them, such is the addiction. Video game consoles are the most important inseparable part of playing video games. With the help of these video games console and display devices, it becomes possible for the players to play video games of their choice. There are many video game consoles manufactured by different developers, which are generally bought by the players for use. Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation series, etc are some of the video game consoles which are extensively used by the video game lovers.

The Xbox series is developed by Microsoft and is quite a rage among regular users. Xbox 360 is the second video game console of the Xbox series, only after Xbox. It is a part of the seventh generation game console and has PlayStation from Sony and Wii from Nintendo as its competitors. One May 2005, the Xbox 360 was officially launched. At present there are around 53.6 million consoles of Xbox all across the globe. The current model of Xbox 360 is being sold by the name Xbox 360 S but is marketed by the name of Xbox only. The old Xbox 360 models have had a redesign of hardware to give rise to the present Xbox 360 models. Some of the other models which are at present are: Xbox 360 250 GB, Xbox 360 4 GB, 320 GB limited editions.

Some of the features of Xbox 360 are mentioned below:

â€512 MB is the size of main memory.
â€CPU is the triple core IBM designed Xenon.
â€Two threads can be processed simultaneously by each of the core, thus operating six threads at the same time.
â€The graphic processing needs ATI Xenos for handling it. The ATI Xenos has 10 MB of eDRAM.
â€Accessories like wired and wireless controllers are needed; headsets for chatting, webcam for video chatting, three memory unit sizes, etc are used as accessories.
â€Players can compete online with each other, game demos, music, TV shows, etc can be downloaded.
â€Third party media streaming is possible in some regions.
â€It supports Windows Media Video format, MPEG-4 and H.264 media.

Some of the games which are compatible with Xbox 360 are

â€Afro Samurai
â€Alan Wake
â€Alpha Protocol
†Alone in the Dark
†Bee Movie Game
â€Blue Dragon

There are numerous other games which can be played using this video games console. The games can be bought online from many websites and even many information can be gathered about this video game console.

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