Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller

How to Fix Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Not Working on Dead Rising 2

Xbox 360 wireless controller not working often happened when we play Dead Rising 2. How to fix Xbox 360 wireless controller not working problem? Here is step by step guide to fix Xbox 360 wireless controller not working problem when playing Dead Rising 2.

Fix Xbox 360 wireless controller not working steps

1 Download this file I uploaded here:, and place the 2 files in your: Program FilesCAPCOMDead Rising 2. The files are:

x360ce.ini xinput1_3.dll

2. Extract it, and move the emulator to your game folder, as Program FilesCAPCOMDead Rising 2.

3. You will be asked to create some files. Just confirm it.

4. Open the program from the Dead Rising 2 directory and there will be an xbox pad on the window.

5. Choose from the preset tab xbox wireless controller. You need to disable force feedback, uncheck native, and device type should be gamepad.

6. Select compatibility in options under fake mode.

7. Save the settings, and run the Dead Rising 2 and the emulator at the same time.

8. Go to the main menu -> options -> pc settings, Xbox 360 wireless controller should work in Dead Rising 2.

Until Capcom patch this it now works fine as you go into the PC Settings menu & can then enable the wireless gamepad.

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